AirportSim is an Advanced Airport Ground Handling Simulator with true-to-life visuals and operations, licensed planes and vehicles, real airports and live weather conditions. Enjoy the many tasks alone or with friends, making this experience unforgettable.

Game features

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to stand on the open tarmac, in gale-force winds or a violent thunderstorm? Sun, fog, rain, or snow – all conditions have an impact on the dynamic of operations, thus impacting the difficulty of the game.

Faithfully reproduced airports
Warsaw Chopin, Vágar, Keflavik and Key West (additional airports to come in-future as DLC)
Real-time weather pulled from active METAR data
Most popular Aircraft Types
The world’s most popular aircraft types, Boeing 737-800 and Airbus A320 NEO
And more...

Where one job ends - another begins

An aircraft’s arrival at the gate is the end of its journey and the beginning of the ground crew’s duties.
Welcoming passengers, offloading baggage, refuelling large aircraft, pushing aircraft back for departure and a further array of exciting tasks await you.

Carefully perform aircraft refueling operations. We’ve prepared a highly detailed and working fuel system on each aircraft and fuel truck so you’ll be able to perform your tasks just as if you were there.
Luggage Handling
Operate different types of machines for loading and unloading passengers’ luggage from and to the aircraft. Be careful of weather conditions and remember to close the barriers on baggage carts so that you do not lose or damage any luggage.
Help passengers get in and out of the aircraft. Use highly detailed Airstairs and Jetbridge to allow passengers to board and disembark an aircraft.

Efficiency, time and precision matter

Tug, tanker, air bridge, or maybe a luggage belt? Each is characterized by an individual way of handling, driving, and behavior in various weather conditions. Planning ability, efficient movement, and precise execution of tasks at the right time all contribute to the timely servicing of an aircraft for its next leg. After all, there’s nothing worse than impatient passengers waiting for delayed luggage.

Endless possibilities

Various game modes await you in AirportSim. The first and in our opinion the most important is the Scenario Mode. It’s a set flight schedule based on real-world operations and everything that follows them.


Gameplay planned based on stacked flight plans, predefined weather conditions and tasks.


Feel like you can handle any situation at the airport? Test your skills by placing as high as possible on the scoreboard!


Co-op Mode

Together you can do more, and have more fun – invite your friends to join you on an adventure at one of the busy airports.

”As real as it gets”

AirportSim doesn’t only simulate real vehicles and their behaviors but above all faithful visual replicas of existing real-world airports and aircraft. For this, we’ve established partnerships with many companies in the aviation industry. Under their supervision, we’ve developed some of the most significant functionalities of AirportSim.

Every detail counts!

Your choice: real-world weather conditions or just how you want it?

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to stand on the open tarmac, in gale-force winds or a violent thunderstorm? Sun, fog, rain, or snow – all conditions have an impact on the dynamic of operations, thus impacting the difficulty of the game.

AirportSim lets you choose the following:

  • Custom weather – choose any weather you like anytime!
  • Live weather – real life conditions based on aviation METAR system
Creativity and customization at your fingertips

What’s a gaming community without add-ons and the ability to customize things to how you’d like them? In order to meet your expectations, we’ve integrated the Steam Workshop and tools that will let your imagination run free.

Create your own flight schedule catered to just how you’d like it or base it on a real one and assign tasks to it. Then, share the schedule to Steam Workshop and play it with your friends in Co-op!

Would you like to feature a real-world airline or create your own in-game? Thanks to Steam Workshop, we allow you to create your own aircraft paint skins and share them with the AirportSim community.

Happy New Year!
Welcome, Ground Handlers, on the last day of 2023! It’s been a truly hard-working year. We launched our AirportSim game,
AirportSim Roadmap has landed!
It’s Thursday, so you might be expecting patch notes… but no, today we have something different for you! But rest
AirportSim – OUT NOW!
Pull on your safety boots and don your hi-vis vests, because it’s time to start your training as an Advanced
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