Happy New Year!

Welcome, Ground Handlers, on the last day of 2023! It’s been a truly hard-working year. We launched our AirportSim game, which was no small feat. Despite the challenges, it was an incredibly exciting year filled with positive emotions. In 2023, we celebrated our AirportSim launch, numerous small and big fixes, and the release of 12 […]

AirportSim Roadmap has landed!

It’s Thursday, so you might be expecting patch notes… but no, today we have something different for you! But rest assured, it’s just as significant as the highly awaited weekly Patch Notes. Today, you will gain insight into our plans for the next few months, including the kinds of additions you can expect from us. […]

AirportSim – OUT NOW!

Pull on your safety boots and don your hi-vis vests, because it’s time to start your training as an Advanced Airport Ground Handler! AirportSim has landed – with true-to-life visuals and operations, licensed aircraft and vehicles, real airports and live weather conditions. Work alone or co-op with friends, and experience the many daily challenges faced […]

Thank you for 50,000 wishlists!

Dear Ground Crew, The incredible support has left us speechless! You have added us to your wishlist over 50,000 times! Thank you for your trust in our AirportSim development process! With just three weeks left until the game’s release, be assured, we are giving our utmost effort to meet your expectations. Your overwhelming response makes […]

AirportSim lands on Steam on the 19th of October!

Hey, ground handlers! It’s time to unpack the big news in our carry-on. Are you ready….? We’re at WASD X IGN! Oh wait.. We already mentioned that. Oh yeah it was the other thing: We have a release date for you! Some of you might have already caught the exciting news in our announcement trailer […]

Developer Diary #1 Game and 3D Design

In the first Developer Diary, AirportSim’s creators are broadening our horizons by sharing more details about their creative process, some stages of making simulation games, and their approach to development focused on creating a sim game as realistic as possible. As we all know, game development is a complicated and challenging process, so it’s always […]

AirportSIM – Take care of a Boeing 737 MAX 8

On average, every second and a half, some Boeing 737 takes off or lands at any of the world’s airports – that’s how popular this family of aircraft is. And it is it, the MAX version, that you will be able to take care of during its stay at the airport in AirportSim. What is […]

How to refuel an aircraft?

While small aircraft can be refueled by pilots at the airport, directly from the dispenser, refueling a large aircraft is no small feat. Today you’ll learn how it’s done. FIRST: FUEL  Fuel (aviation kerosene, or aviation gasoline) is delivered from refineries to giant tanks, where it’s poured into tankers and checked for quality. Of course, […]

Vagar: Europe’s loneliest airport in AirportSim

From here, it is almost 370 kilometers to the nearest airport (Scatsta in Shetland). In contrast, the nearest airport with a long runway and ILS system is more than 430 kilometers away. That’s Vagar, the airport you’ll find in our game, AirportSim – the loneliest airport in Europe.  As we traveled to replicate the airport […]

The three gameplay modes in AirportSim are now revealed!

After the game’s initial reveal at the Future Games Show earlier this June, the AirportSim creators are ready to shed more light on how the game can be enjoyed by different kinds of gamers. Three different game modes – Free Roam, Scenario, and Challenge – are guaranteed soft landing for all civil aviation enthusiasts, whether […]