How to refuel an aircraft?

While small aircraft can be refueled by pilots at the airport, directly from the dispenser, refueling a large aircraft is no small feat. Today you’ll learn how it’s done. FIRST: FUEL  Fuel (aviation kerosene, or aviation gasoline) is delivered from refineries to giant tanks, where it’s poured into tankers and checked for quality. Of course, […]

Vagar: Europe’s loneliest airport in AirportSim

From here, it is almost 370 kilometers to the nearest airport (Scatsta in Shetland). In contrast, the nearest airport with a long runway and ILS system is more than 430 kilometers away. That’s Vagar, the airport you’ll find in our game, AirportSim – the loneliest airport in Europe.  As we traveled to replicate the airport […]

The three gameplay modes in AirportSim are now revealed!

After the game’s initial reveal at the Future Games Show earlier this June, the AirportSim creators are ready to shed more light on how the game can be enjoyed by different kinds of gamers. Three different game modes – Free Roam, Scenario, and Challenge – are guaranteed soft landing for all civil aviation enthusiasts, whether […]